Our commitment to sustainability

How Cadbury is approaching sustainability

We’re working to make sure our products are not only right for people, but also right for the planet.

So we think carefully about the raw materials we rely on, and how we can make a more positive effect on the lives of the communities we live in, and work with.

We’re working on making our packaging more sustainable

As part of Mondelēz' 'Pack Light and Pack Right’ strategy and its ongoing efforts to remove, reduce, replace and recycle packaging across its portfolio, Cadbury has made some key changes to its product range.

UK Cadbury Gifting Trays (Milk Tray boxed chocolates and Christmas selection boxes) now incorporate 80% recycled plastic. Coupled with removal of plastic shrink wrap from the Milk Tray boxed chocolates, this will result in a full year reduction of over 1000 metric tonnes of virgin plastic!

We introduced 30% recycled plastic to our Cadbury Dairy Milk 110g bar. This new packaging will wrap more than 28 million chocolate bars.

These are just some of the steps we’ve been taking to reduce virgin plastic, for a more sustainable future.

10 years focused on making Cocoa more sustainable

Over the last decade, we’ve been working hard to help make sure the cocoa in the Cadbury chocolate you love is sourced in a more sustainable way, with an aim to be both kind to the planet, and the people who grow it.


What is the Cadbury Foundation?

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