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Clubbing together to help Grenfell

Just how do you unite the nation’s favourite teams to help one club build a place to call home? With generosity at its core. From our crowdfunder page, and social posts, to our digital out-of-home, Cadbury spread the news to everyone to lend their support for Grenfell Athletic FC. 

Thanks to our club partners, the Grenfell Athletic FC community, and generous support from the nation, we were able to Club Together for a truly great cause.

Wrighty meets Rupert

Cadbury ambassador, Ian Wright meets with Rupert the founder of Grenfell Athletic FC to talk about the vision of creating a place to call home for the Grenfell community and how everyone, including Cadbury, played a part in making it a success!

From dugouts to goal posts, corner flags to expertise from top groundsmen, see how these teams clubbed together and what it means moving forwards for Grenfell Athletic FC.

It’s launch match day!

DJs, food trucks, famous faces and of course the big event! The inaugural Grenfell Athletic FC Vs Cadbury FC football match. 

Who will be the winner?  Spoiler: everyone wins.

Club Together for Grenfell FC

Street Sign for Grenfell Road in Chelsea Kensington

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