2008 Cadbury Cocoa Partnership Launched

In January 2008, Cadbury launched the Cadbury Cocoa Partnership. £45 million was put aside to put into cocoa farms in Ghana, India, Indonesia and the Caribbean over a decade.

Today’s cocoa farmers face big problems - average production has dropped and it can be hard to make a living. The Cadbury Cocoa Partnership has been set up to help them. It’s a groundbreaking initiative, now funded by Kraft Foods, which is carried out in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme and others, and marking 100 years since the Cadbury brothers first began trading in Ghana. 70% of the Partnership funds will be invested into small farms and farming villages in Ghana, which provide the cocoa beans for Cadbury's UK chocolate, giving it its unique and much loved taste. So what will the Partnership do? Help farmers increase their yields and produce top quality beans; Help start new rural businesses; Improve life in cocoa communities by supporting education, the environment and building wells for clean and safe water; Develop a pioneering way for cocoa farmers to work together with governments, NGOs, local organisations and international agencies. All in all, around a million people - cocoa farmers and the communities they live in - will benefit.

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